Divorce Coaching & Advisory Services

There is an alternative to the traditional route of hiring an attorney at the first thought of divorce.

Knowing when to hire an attorney or if you even need an attorney are two considerations that will determine how costly your divorce will be.

Deb provides a comprehensive look at your individual situation and provides actionable steps to take as you prepare for divorce. 

The prospect of divorce is overwhelming and enmeshed with a spectrum of emotions.  It is a time of vulnerability where you will need to make numerous, important decisions that will impact the future for both you and your family.

Deb will be your thinking partner and will help guide you with decision making during this pivotal time.  Together you will create a “roadmap” to a less costly, more amicable and financially fairer outcome than depending on a traditional attorney alone.

These are some issues Deb can help you navigate:

  • Deciding to stay or go
  • How to prepare if you decide divorce is your best option
  • The process of divorce and the court system
  • Custody agreement options
  • Deciding between mediation, collaboration or litigation
  • Choosing an attorney, if necessary, that best suits your needs
  • Building a divorce team with your goals and budget in mind
  • Preparing for court
  • Options for parenting plans and custody
  • And much more…

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